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Welcome to Spinning Garage web shop where you can find out the Volkswagen Golf2 parts.
We are the special shop for maintaining Volkswagen Golf2. It has been operated over 25 years here in Japan. Our shop policy is “Leave as many Golf2 in Japan as possible.

Even though the Volkswagen is well providing the parts, unfortunately some genuine parts hardly to find out at Volkswagen Classic Parts.
Then we started to provide the equivalent quality parts instead of the discontinued genuine one.
The parts quality has been assured as they have been used for the repair of Golf2 at our pit. We have already sold those parts to the user and other maintenance shops in Japan.
And now we start to ship those parts to overseas customers with help of Worldshopping plat form.

For your reference (Japanese Only)
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Our Recommendations

Recommended parts for Golf2.

Items Corresponding Genuine Parts Number*
Catchtank Petrol Pump Housing for PL,GX,RD,HT 191201042A
Catchtank Petrol Pump Housing for RV 165201042A
Connect Piece between Lift Pump and Sender Unit 357919133
Gasket for Fuel Tank Sender 4B0919133
Gasket for Tailgate Lock Cylinder Housing 191827594

* All items are not the genuine parts but has equivalent quality
* All prices are in Japanese Yen

About Worldshopping

Overseas Mail Order System

On behalf of you, The WorldShopping purchases Golf2 parts from Spinning Garage and delivers them around the world.

How to Order

When you click the recommended items above or access the items information on the web shop that can be purchased from your country , the WorldShopping cart window will appear. It can work only if you access the website from overseas.
Add your favorite items to the WorldShopping cart.


WorldShopping will charge service fee on the “Total Product Price”*.
You will receive a payment request from WorldShopping, containing international shipping, handling and other fees (if any).
*Total Product Price means the product price plus domestic shipping fee in Japan.

Order Cancellation, Returns

Once an order has been placed with WorldShopping,  any changes in the order such as order cancellation and returns cannot be accepted as we purchase a product on behalf of you here in Japan. We request your understanding of the issue and please confirm all the product details before placing the order.

Inquiries and Language

Basically, the Spinning Garage WEB shop is operated and handled in Japanese only. Please understand that the web shop cannot respond to inquiries in other languages. For all important inquiries, questions and concerns, please contact the WorldShopping customer support team. The WorldShopping customer support team will contact you as soon as possible to assist you.
https://worldshopping.force.com/help/s/?language=zh_CN(Simplified Chinese)
https://worldshopping.force.com/help/s/?language=zh_TW(Traditional Chinese)

For more details about Worldshopping